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Hi-Res Color Prints:

Product Imagineers Hi-Res Color Prints

Our proprietary four-color screen-printing process, Hi-Res consistently blows away our competitor’s simulated or standard four-color process prints. Our Hi-Res prints are printed at 120 lpi versus the competition at 65 lpi. There are no higher quality prints on the market today and we have stacks of awards to prove it.

Hi-Res Halftone printing:

Product Imagineers Hi-Res Half-tone Printing

Designs with subtle tones, complex blends, and gradients are printed using product Imagineers Hi-Res Halftones, which are printed at 120 lpi vs. the industry standard of 50 lpi. Product Imagineer Halftones are by far the best in the business and fine half-tones have never looked this good.

Standard Four-color Process:

Product Imagineers Standard Four Color Process

An alternative to our high-end, proprietary, four-color screen-printing process, we offer a standard four-color process and an economical printing solution that helps drive home a brand’s message at an affordable price. Good quality prints at an affordable price.

Special Effects:

Special Effects:

Looking for some creative ways to set your client’s brands apart and add impact to any design? Our Special Effect printing process does just that. Take a typical design and give it that extra punch ant retail look by adding one of our special effect printing techniques to any design. Special Effects are perfect for niche industries and include: Color discharge, retail soft, discharge printing, diamond plate, soft metal, ripped metal, gooey glitter, leather ink, metallic shimmer, glow in the dark, puff ink, high-density ink, and liquid gel.

Spot Color Prints:

Product Imagineers Spot Color Prints

Our Spot Color Printing provides a simple and cost-effective way to print designs and logos on garments. Some of the hottest retail looks on the market today are printed using a series of spot colors, unique locations, and high impact designs, ultimately creating cutting edge printed garments.


Product Imagineers Eco-Friendly Prints

An environmentally friendly option for tee shirt printing, our Eco-Friendly printing process uses water-based inks. Free of most environmentally damaging chemicals such as PVC’s, phthalate, heavy metals, azo compounds, nonylphenol, and formaldehyde. Water-based ink ingredients are non-toxic and lead-free. They also print up super soft which is a huge benefit for oversized designs.

Metallic Foil:

Product Imagineers Metalic Foil Prints (1)

Looking to create that Bling-Bling look? Well, look no further than Product Imagineers Metallic Foil. Metallic Foil is perfect for the women’s wear, kids wear and streetwear markets and is available in a variety of colors. Standard Colors: Gold, Silver, Red & Royal Blue. Non-Standard Colors: Black, Purple, Green, Pink, and Copper are available for larger projects and require additional production time.

Soft Metal:

Product Imagineers Soft Metal Prints

Product Imagineers Soft Metal process adds intense reflection and dimension to any design. Soft Metal is a great way to add excitement to any project.


Product Imagineers Embroidery Prints

With state of the art Tajima embroidery equipment and our long-standing commitment as a company dedicated to quality, Product Imagineers is positioned to be your preferred resource for all of your embroidery needs. We use Robison-Anton Super Brite Polyester Thread at 122 Denier density (40 weight standard). We chose to use Robison-Anton thread based on the history of excellent sew-ability, deep Pantone matched color selections, and availability of color options. We have chosen to primarily use polyester thread due to its durability, colorfastness, luster, and the speeds at which we can run our machines.

Laser Etching:

Product Imagineers Laser Etching (1)
Product Imagineers Laser Etching (2)

Laser Etching Decorating is now available! Take advantage of this technologically advanced process that cannot be duplicated by any other decorating technique. It’s cutting edge precision and accuracy is sure to get your customers attention!

Laser Etching offers a unique tonal domestic decoration technique with a high perceived value. It is a subtle decorating technique that makes a lasting impression for customers.

Simulated All over Prints:

Product Imagineers Simulated All Over Prints

All-Over printing is very popular at retail and is delivering big results for many of today’s hottest brands. Your clients see this style of printed garments and love them, but don’t typically have the budget to afford them. Product Imagineers Simulated All Over Printing gives your clients the retail look and feel that they want at a fraction of the price. Use any combination of Product Imagineers unique print locations to create high impact, retail-style Simulated All Over Printed garments.

Unique Locations:

Product Imagineers Unique Locations (1)

The hottest thing in the garment industry today is the use of unique print locations to create fashion-forward clothing. The boundaries of tee shirt design have been shattered and just about anything is possible. Use our unique print locations to add the cool factor to your client’s brands and sit back as the praise rolls in.

Product Imagineers Unique Locations (2)

Packaging and Fulfillment:

Fold it, roll it, poly-bag it, label it, tag it, and fulfill it! Product Imagineers offers complex sorting and drop shipping services. Ask other screen printers to beat 1,400 drop ships for on order that all went out in one day.

Art Guidlines:

Vector File is an image that is composed of paths. You will most likely hear the terms spot colors, fonts, outlines, and curves discussed in the regard to this type of file. These files are generally created in illustrator, Corel Draw, or Freehand.

Raster File is an image that is composed of pixels. You will most likely hear the terms separations, resolution, layers, and channels discussed regarding this type of file. These files are generally created, scanned, or taken from online images into Photoshop.

Acceptable Art File:



Please convert fonts to outlines and include PMS Spot Colors. Generally, special vector effects such as transparencies, outer glow, etc. cannot be reproduced with spot color. Any issues will be addressed at the time of the art check-in.



Please provide art at 300ppi resolution, at what is to be the final printed size.
Art should be layered, Highlighted.


PRE-PRODUCTION PROOFS: Pre-Production proof is the only way to ensure imprint accuracy. Product Imagineers will not be responsible for slight shifts in color without a pre-production proof. Product Imagineers will send out 2 proofs samples, one for your records and ours. Pre-Production Proofs will be billed according to the job. Ranging from $350-$400. Jobs over 2500 pcs will be supplied a Pre-Production proof at no charge.

Photo Proofs: Photo Proofs are provided a fee of charge on orders of 1,000pcs. are taken when an order is on press and ready to print. Proofs are e-mailed and the press can be helpful for 1-hour. If there is no response within an hour, the job is taken down and rescheduled and the photo proof is billed as a pre-production proof.


Customer Separations: Process separations supplied by the customer will not be accepted. Our separations are created specifically for our factory. Spot color halftones will also be created by Product Imagineers to account for dot gain.

Art Revision Fees: Each order includes 15 minutes of art time to prep the file for printing at no charge. Art files that require additional handling or revisions prior to or after a proof is sent are charged $80/hr. With a minimum charge of $45.

Printing on Youth and Adult Garments: If different size screens are needed for printing the same design on youth and adult garments then print charges will be based on separate runs. However, an imprint size can sometimes be determined to accommodate all sized.
Signed Order Approvals: Order approvals are created and e-mailed to the customer at the order entry stage of the process. Product Imagineers must receive a signed order approval and payment before the order can proceed to production.

Cancellations: Order cancellations must be in writing. Cancellations will not be accepted for orders that have already been produced. For non-produced cancellations, any associated costs leading up to the production of your order will be invoiced accordingly.

Simulated All Over Printing: Simulated all over printing designs must be resized for each garment size printed. This allows the design to be scaled properly with each shirt size.
Production Time: Production time begins once a complete purchase order, acceptable are file and garments are recived.

Garment Reaction to Heat: Order Garments may shrink slightly when exposed to heat during the ink curing process. Also, some brands of garments tags will curl and shrink when exposed to heat. This is a risk inherent like the materials when exposed to heat that Product Imagineers cannot take responsi-bility for or control.

Discharge Limitations: Discharge inks will only work on 100% cotton material. An exat PMS match is not possible and the imprint color will vary based on the color shirt and dye lot.
Migration Warning on Polyester: Dye Dye migration is a problem caused by dyes in polyester fibers transferring to and changing the color of the plastisol inks. The colors most likely to migrate are red, maroon, kelly green, and some of the darker blues. Dye migration may appear immediately after the ink is cured or hours, days or up to two weeks later. Product Imagineers cannot control dye mi-gration and is a risk the customer must accept when printing on polyester or partial polyester garments.

Unclaimed Garments: Garments that are in the possession of Product Imagi-neers for more than 90 days, become the property of Product Imagineers.It is the customer’s responsibility to claim any garments before this deadline. Misprinted and damaged garments become PI property after 30 days.
Spoilage Rate: PI is not responsible for spoilage up to 1% of orders over 1,000 prints, 2% for orders over 144 prints or 5% for orders less than 144 prints ( mini-mum 1 piece ).

Shipping: Shipping charges are calculated based on actual weight, distance traveled, declared value and type of shipping service.


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